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Smart contracts. Simplified.

Ready to deploy smart contracts templates for every use case - all from one seamless interface. Leave the code complexity to us, while you focus on building.

Audited contracts

Our smart contracts are fully audited and battle tested.

You deploy. You own it.

Do anything you can do with a custom-written contract.

Deploy anywhere. Easily.

The future is multichain and Loki.code let you deploy on any supported EVM chain to reach your users anywhere.

EVM compatible

Go where you want to be. Deploy on any available EVM chain.

Cost effective

Take advantage of lower gas fees and reach your users wherever they are.

No code? No problem.

Leave the frontend to us, so you can manage everything from one place and focus on building your dApp.


Our frontend can be easily customised ensuring that your dApp looks and feels exactly the way you want it to.

BYO Frontend

Don’t like our templates? No problem, you can build your own frontend on top of your smart contracts.

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