Smart Contract collaboration for Teams

Loki.code is a DevOps platform for Web3 teams developing dApps.
Easily manage, compile, test, and deploy smart contracts.

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Collaborate faster

Web3 projects are complex; speed up collaboration between team members and avoid sharing sensible data.

Reduce complexity

Import, compile and deploy your smart contracts while keeping track of their history. All in one single place.

Reduce costs

Save time and avoid DIY Devops setup searching and maintaining multiple outdated tools to work with each other.

Import your GitHub projects with Ease

With Loki.code you can effortlessly import your projects from GitHub, making collaboration on smart contracts a breeze.

Efficient import

Import your GitHub projects directly into Loki.code for seamless collaboration and development.

Streamlined workflow

Experience a streamlined workflow with Loki.code seamless integration with GitHub.

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Streamline smart contract compilation and deployment

With Loki.code, teams can easily compile and deploy smart contracts on multiple chains, simplifying the development process and ensuring efficiency.

Import projects from GitHub for seamless collaboration

Compile and deploy smart contracts with ease

Track the history of your smart contracts

Track the history of your smart contracts

With Loki.code, you can easily keep track of the history of your smart contracts. Stay organized and informed with our intuitive history tracking feature.

Stay informed

Never miss a beat with our comprehensive history tracking feature for smart contracts.

Be organized

Effortlessly organise and access the complete history of your smart contracts.

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Start from scratch with templates

Ready to deploy smart contract templates for every use case - all from one seamless interface. Leave the code complexity to us, while you focus on building.

Need a quick start

We have a series of templates that you can start from.

You deploy it. You own it.

Do anything you can do with a custom-written contract.

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